Major Issue in Smart Home/Building and Security:

Wireless connection is lost from time to time! It is Unreliable

  • Wireless-only solution cannot go through concrete walls.
  • Wireless-only solution cannot cover the whole building.

Greenvity’s Ecosystem

  • However, Controlled Lighting and Security applications require reliable and always-connected solution, it is a MUST-HAVE!

Patented Hybrid Mesh™: Superior Technology for IoT

Wireless-only solution:

Greenvity’s Ecosystem

Greenvity’s Hybrid Mesh:

Wireless (IEEE 802.15.4) and PLC (powerline communication) in GV7011 chip offers smart and Always-Connected!

Greenvity’s Ecosystem

Patented Hybrid Mesh™:

Wireless Bridging over multiple power lines

PLC-only solution:

Greenvity’s Ecosystem

Wireless (IEEE 802.15.4) and PLC (powerline communication) in GV7011 chip offers smart and dual links Always-Connected!

Greenvity’s Ecosystem

Greenvity’s Hybrid Mesh on a Single Chip:

Penetrate Many Concrete Walls and Cover Whole Building!

  • Intelligence on Chip: GV7011 chip makes decision whether to use PLC or wireless by itself at each node
  • Each node is a repeater: Hybrid Mesh on chip can forward the same message over multiple wireless hops and PLC hops (mixed medium)
  • Self-Healing and Transparent to users

Greenvity’s Ecosystem

IoT Hub A1 can control Light C2 over very long distance with Multiple Hops :
A1 > A2 with PLC
A2 > B1 with wireless
B1 to C1 with wireless
C1 to C2 with PLC

Greenvity’s Hybrid Mesh™:

Available in All IoT Products offered by Greenvity

  • Penetrate through Many Concrete Walls
  • Go Through Many Circuit Breakers
  • Dual Links and Mixed-Medium Communications: Always-Connected!
  • Range extension – Cover whole building
  • Intelligence on Chip offers Self-Healing
  • Dynamic decision to adapt to different environment

Perfect Solution for IoT: Smart Home, Smart Building and Security for Commercial and Industrial Applications

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